Radio Promotions Versus Media Buy

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November 11, 2011
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November 18, 2011

Radio Promotions Versus Media Buy

Scales weighing large vs. smallFor the right brand, radio promotions can work great as a stand alone.  For example, if you have a concise benefit or message, there’s nothing better than having a listener’s favorite radio personality conduct a contest either giving away your product or giving away something that directly relates to your brand.  In either case, along with the prize comes the valuable exposure that you get when your 10-second promotional copy is being read live, when listeners are typically MOST engaged.

On top of that, stations can provide recorded promotional mentions and website exposure, oftentimes including a dedicated contest page with copy, logos, video (if applicable) and a link to your site.  Your brand gets to take control of a portion of the station’s website where listeners visit (more and more each year) to engage with their favorite station.  These promotional elements are perfect for those who may have been channel surfing during paid commercials or those who need the message reinforced to drive them to act.

However, for brands that are new or have a more extensive product description and/or offer, a 30- or 60-second commercial is usually a better choice.  That extra time allows you to convey all the benefits of your brand.  When introducing yourself or your product, you want to be able to tell the consumer all about yourself.

Budget permitting, you’ll do well to execute both in order to extend you presence on a station.  That way, you can be sure you are  reaching them however and whenever they choose to listen to their favorite station.

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