May 26, 2011

Google +1

A couple of months ago, Google introduced a new feature to their search results and ads. Google +1 is an attempt to bring a social component to searching. Here’s how it works. When you are signed into your Google account, your search results will have a +1 icon next to each link.
May 19, 2011

Size Matters…Sometimes

Small agencies also make the client an integral part of the creative process. I was part of every brainstorming session. Since I lived the business day in and day out, my opinion was recognized, acknowledged and requested, not as a courtesy but as a starting point for any planning discussion and throughout the process.
May 16, 2011

STERN-VERTISING: The Pros and Cons of advertising on Howard Stern’s radio show.

Part of the reason Stern gets away with it all is Stern's brutal honesty. He’s direct and candid, rarely editing subject matter or choice of language. That, and the fact that the show just happens to be funny. Stern is an extraordinary interviewer, with a rapid-fire style of questioning that keeps guests off balance which invariably unearths a very private, usually fascinating side to the guest on the hot seat.
May 12, 2011

The Ideal Media Rep

We often spend a lot of time with our reps not negotiating, but explaining to them how we want to run the campaign and our expectations from them. We share our clients’ goals with them so that they know what kind of results we expect from the campaign.
May 9, 2011

How to Define Best? An Existentialist Look At Defining The Word

Three rows from the stage for Steve Winwood? This was close. Warren Zevon opened and he was in full-one-man band mode. Mr. Winwood played everything I wanted to hear plus. What keeps this from being the “best” is the ….gentleman….seven or eight rows back yelling “Nighttrain” every five seconds. Seriously? Out of Steve Winwood’s entire catalogue THAT’S the one you’re gonna go with? That’s his “Freebird?” Umm…no.
May 5, 2011

How Long Should a Radio Test Campaign Last?

Given the time of year, the public’s familiarity with the brand, and availability of media properties we feel would work, we may need anywhere from four to twelve weeks to properly test all of the best options for a particular product or service.
May 2, 2011

5 Radio Industry Facebook Pages

Besides The Radio Agency's own amazing Facebook Page, the radio industry has a huge presence on the social networking site. Below are five that we really enjoy