The Four Platforms of Radio

When The Radio Agency opened shop in 1993, we were doing some amazing things on AM/FM Radio. Talent endorsements. Radio promotions. Listener events. Product sampling. Program sponsorships. And anything else we could think of. We still do those things today, except now there are four platforms of radio that create a multitude of sound advertising possibilities.

More than 92% of all Adults listen to AM/FM Radio every week. That’s more than any other advertising platform, including TV, smartphones and tablets. Nielsen calls AM/FM the “blue blazer” of the media universe, reaching across all generations, ethnicities and demographics with thousands of stations, dozens of formats and the trusted voices of popular air personalities.

Over 34 million people subscribe to SiriusXM Satellite Radio, where over 50 channels of Spoken Word programming create astounding opportunities to reach an affluent audience via News, Talk, Sports, Comedy, Business, Political and Lifestyle programming.

Over 100 million people are regular listeners to Pandora, Spotify and other Streaming Radio channels, where you can pinpoint target an audience – with zero waste – by age, gender and geography. Some of these streaming services partner with Big Data companies to further target listeners by more than a thousand lifestyle and consumption categories.

More than 680 million Podcasts are downloaded every month, as listeners choose and then listen to “Radio On Demand.” Target your audience by lifestyle interest with 30- and 60-second sponsorship messages voiced by the podcast hosts. It’s the most affordable way to have celebrity talent voice your message in a foreground listening environment where loyal listeners hang on their every word.

For every client, The Radio Agency considers this vast universe of options and then narrows the field to the most potent and compatible choices to give you the best opportunities for success. We then leverage our relationships and experience to get you the best value for every media dollar, balancing the desire for best value with the specific media mix most likely to deliver success for your unique brand.

Research And Results

The Radio Agency is one of a small group of ad agencies that pays Nielsen Radio Research for the local market ratings in all 265 U.S. radio markets. Paired with other research data and software planning tools, we deliver efficient, intelligent media plans that save money and generate added value advertising impressions at no charge.

So, whether you’re planning a local, regional or national campaign, we’ve got the experience and the contacts to get you heard and deliver results. We also buy remnant media at deeply discounted rates to stretch every marketing dollar to its most efficient performance.

In a marketplace where just about every media sales rep magically has “your answer” imprinted on their business card, The Radio Agency is an agnostic and unbiased arbiter of all possible paths. When we play favorites, it’s because we’ve experienced success for brands similar to yours on those specific stations and platforms.

Benefit from our experience. Invest in your success.