Building Your Relationship With Customers

Successful branding means nurturing enduring relationships with customers. It’s creating the affinity that makes a customer choose your brand over another, even when logic and price might suggest a better option. Perhaps no other medium can tap into this emotional nerve center more cost-effectively than radio.

Here’s an example. If we told you to close your eyes and picture the perfect sunset, imagine exactly where you’d be. Feel the temperature on your skin. Notice the colors of the sky. Experience the full five senses of your moment in the sunset. A room full of people sharing this experience would each describe their perfect sunsets differently, each mentioning their own personal preference for the beach, the mountains, visit or perhaps in their own backyard. Now imagine a TV, print, mail or web ad showing you what they call “the perfect sunset.” For most, the experience would fall short of their own, unique, perfect sunset, individually conjured and personalized from the suggestion of well-chosen words.

This is the power of radio to trigger your senses and create emotion. It’s why a branding campaign on radio can be memorable and sustainable – and at a fraction of the cost of sending production crews around the world in search of the perfect sunset.

The Voices Of Radio

Beyond the creative, radio offers an array of incredible personal touch points to enable you to marry your brand to your existing and potential customers. Like clockwork, radio listeners share parts of their day with their favorite personalities. Over time, those personalities become your friends. You learn their dog’s name, their favorite travel destinations, their likes and dislikes. And when those announcers voice a radio commercial they lend an actual or implied endorsement to that brand, connecting and resonating in ways a “canned” ad in any medium can’t match. Research shows that talent reads can improve response by as much as 400%.

Brand Integration

Radio also provides endless ways to integrate your brand into programming, marrying your brand to the radio station brand that prospective customers have already chosen as their favorite. Partnering with stations for contests and promotions – and sponsoring beloved features and programs – is a powerful way to jumpstart the affinity for your brand by tying it to their brand.

There are countless ways to go beyond standard paid advertising messaging. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to brainstorm a number of creative and effective options to add more value to your radio advertising budget.