December 16, 2011

Spotifty and Pandora; The Battle Continues…

Over the past few days, Spotify has launched its newly-revamped radio feature, similar to the popular streaming radio station, Pandora. In fact, it’s almost exactly like […]
December 13, 2011

The 14 Most Powerful Words in Marketing

I recently came across an article by Jamie Turner, listing and explaining the 14 most powerful words in marketing.  These words, well-placed in a marketing message, […]
December 9, 2011

395,502 Persons Can’t Be Wrong

The latest National Radio Listening Report released by Arbitron shows that radio added 1.4 million new listeners in 2011, now reaching an estimated 241.3 million persons […]
December 6, 2011

Feeling the Power of Radio

A study released this month by Ipsos OTX MediaCT illustrates the positive impact radio has across all stages of the sales cycle.  Comparing a group of […]
December 2, 2011

Radio—Brings it All Home!

Hey, Marketing Director! Yeah, you over there waiting for your “800” number to start ringing or your website to be overwhelmed with visitors; did you cover […]