10 Things Radio Can Do THIS Holiday Season That It Couldn’t Do Last Year

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November 8, 2011
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November 15, 2011

10 Things Radio Can Do THIS Holiday Season That It Couldn’t Do Last Year

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  1. Target listeners by zip code.  For single-location retailers, this means using radio to reach consumers living within a five-mile shopping radius of their store.

  3. Download an app from your smart phone.  Listeners can now hear a commercial and tap their touch screen to download your app onto their smart phone.
  4. Reach more than 100 Million registered users who’ve signed up with Personalized Radio Services (like Pandora and Slacker) to program their own radio stations.

  6. Get on the air at reasonable rates!  Local and national AM and FM stations bandwidths will still be packed with retailers, driving demand (and rates) to their highest levels of the year.  But there will be plenty of air time available on SiriusXM Satellite and 50,000+ Internet streaming radio stations.

  8. Eliminate wasted delivery of your message.  The local Classic Rock station is a great way to reach Men 35-54.  But you’re paying to deliver your message to women and teens and seniors that also listen.  Place a Men 35-54 buy on a digital streaming Classic Rock station and your message will be delivered only to your target audience of Men 35-54.

  10. Change your message by county or zip code.  ABC Bank customers in Jones County may want speedy drive-through service, while ABC Bank customers in Smith County want friendly, down-home service.  Online radio platforms allow you to vary your message, zip code by zip code.

  12. Use mobile phone technology to have consumers simply tap their smart phone screens to link to your Store Finder and access easy turn-by-turn directions.

  14. Send a text to listeners with special codes redeemable for discounts online or in-store.

  16. Reach millions of streaming listeners in cars, thanks to dashboard patch cords and newly-struck deals with Ford, Toyota, BMW, Hyundai, Mini, Mercedes Benz and GM to access digital radio services while driving.

  18. Track, source and measure leads, sales and results.  Radio’s new platforms make the medium more accountable than ever, enabling marketers to leverage Sound Advertising campaigns to the profitable side of the balance sheet.


Happy Holidays!  Now let’s get out there and sell something.


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