Inventory Issues

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June 23, 2011
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June 30, 2011

Inventory Issues

Just like death and taxes, you can always count on inventory shortages and clearance issues during certain times of the year, such as major holidays, back-to-school and elections.

But these days, that’s only true if you’re looking to be on the most popular terrestrial stations, networks and syndicated radio programs.

There is so much more out there – and available – if you’re willing to use radio’s exciting, non-terrestrial platforms.  Satellite.  AM/FM Streaming.  Personalized Radio Services.  Podcasts.   And, while these platforms should not be the ONLY place to launch a new brand or initiative and reach the masses, they definitely have their advantages.

Lower rates.  More targeted audience.  Ability to measure and optimize.  Technology that enables listeners to engage with your brand by clicking a banner or touching their mobile touch screen to link to your site, get an email about your brand or remind them to do something specific.

There are always ways to buy around the most popular and expensive radio properties.  Keep an open mind and trust that there are new and effective ways to reach your target consumer that you shouldn’t be reluctant to try.

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