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June 20, 2011
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The Campaign Landing Page

With your direct response campaigns call to action could be drive to call center, drive to retail, or drive to a website, etc.

With drive to web campaigns using a unique landing page/website is important. Actually this is important not only with DR campaigns but also with branding campaigns. Your web address should be easy to remember. It shouldn’t be too long or confusing. You want to make it easy for the consumer to contact you.

The majority of the time, when people visit a website, they are either asked to sign up for a trial, purchase a product or enter their contact information.  Your website should follow a Z pattern and where the sign up area would be located on the lower right side of your page. Losing people after you’ve drawn to your website is simply not good business.

If you are using source codes to determine which properties perform better than others, you could either ask visitors to enter a promo code or you could have a drop down menu where the user picks a code from those listed. Make sure you also have “unknown” as one of the options. If people don’t remember the code, they shouldn’t feel like they have to enter “A CODE” in order to get the offer. However, you do have to be careful about the “unknowns” as people often pick” unknown” making it tricky to track the results.

When people hear your commercial in their cars, they might forget the link by the time they are in front of their computer. In that case, they would probably do an organic search to find your website to see the offer. Make sure you show up on those searches.

Please remember radio commercials drive qualified buyers online. You just need to make them feel home when they arrive at your website and help them to take an action once they are there.

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