TRA Super Bowl Commercial Wrap Up

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January 28, 2014
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TRA Super Bowl Commercial Wrap Up

Like everyone else, we have opinions on the commercials aired during the Super Bowl.  And like everyone else, we’re not afraid to share ‘em.  So without further ado, here are some of the TRA staff’s winners.

Animals are always good for a tug at the ol’ heart strings and Kristen Quinn put it best: “It’s almost impossible to go wrong with a cute puppy, and Budweiser definitely got it right.  They were able to incorporate a puppy, their iconic Clydesdale, and the hashtag #BestBuds to make one of the best commercials of the night.”

Tami Freeman was a fan of the Ford Fusion  commercials:  “…spots that ran back to back – powerful message of double your gas mileage – memorable”

Radio Shack hit their male demo target with their flashback to the 80s.  Greg McGlone“It touched on all parts of the culture, from music (Dee Snider from Twisted Sister), movies (Teen Wolf, even though it wasn’t Michael J. Fox), to sports (professional wrestlers Hulk Hogan and Sgt. Slaughter).”

It’s not easy being green.  Just ask Stephen Colbert and pistachios.  This was one of Mark Lipksy’s favorites: “Wonderful Pistachios pulled a great 30/30 placement (with another ad sandwiched in the middle) making a lasting impression with hot green color and Steve Colbert’s head splitting open to reveal a talking pistachio.  That was memorable.”

Take one cardboard box, one magic maker, an adorable kid in a cape, a dog and a gullible adult and what do you have?  A Dorito’s commercial that was one of Ian Cohen’s favorites:  “Who hasn’t dreamt of travelling through time?  And all it takes is a bag of chips for payment?  Sign me up.”

The kids and animals theme proved another winner for Andi Lovett“Loved the Cherrios ad.  The family. The new baby The puppy. That’s an all-around winner.”

Another winning theme this year was saying thanks to our military.  And the Budweiser spot spoke directly to Barbra Tabnick“It is genuine and tugs on the old heart strings.  Plus, we have a marine in the family now who is anxious to get deployed, so, for me, it hits home.”

Toni Anastasia is a fan of angels.  Which is why the Volkswagen “Wings” commercial was her favorite.  The concept was fun and easy to understand without any dialogue, especially the men’s urinal shot with the obvious “wing envy” messaging. The other underlying message that Volkswagen’s are such safe vehicles, that their engineers are actually angels was kinda’ cute. But, will this commercial sell more Volkswagens? Perhaps.”

There you have it.  Our picks for the best spots that aired during the Super Bowl. And as we wait for next year, just remember, the $4,000,000.00 it cost for :30 of air time for a commercial in the Super Bowl can fund one entire year plus, on radio.

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