Summer Vacation Recommendations

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July 29, 2014
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August 8, 2014

Summer Vacation Recommendations

Our blog writers have the week off. So we polled our friends in and around radio for some great media recommendations to consume on your summer vacation. Books to read. Music to play. TV series to binge watch. Here are their picks. Enjoy your vacation!

BOOKS Sheryl Raines, KCBS/San Francisco – “100 Days of Real Food: How we did it. What we Learned, and 100 Easy, Wholesome Recipes Your Family Will Love.” by Lisa Leake One woman’s story of how she slowly eliminated processed foods from her family kitchen. Great recipes!

TV Michael Tearson, SiriusXM Radio – Fargo from FX: This takes the spirit from the Coen Brothers great film and uses different characters in a truly twisted and disturbing story. Billy Bob Thornton here is one of the all-time creepiest villains ever.

MUSIC Paul W. Smith, WJR/Detroit – “One Day” by Matisyahu. It’s a hopeful song for peace and humanity in our time; especially these times.

BOOKS Big D & Bubba, Big D & Bubba Country Morning Show – “Country Music Broke My Brain” by Gerry house and Reba McEntyre

TV Paul Shirley, Short Corner Podcast – Friday Night Lights

BOOKS Tom Kelly, Kelly Music Research – I bought Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” for my 29 year old daughter. I think the book is older than me. But the simple advice is especially timeless in this age of “social” media where human interaction seems to be taking a back seat. In business or personal lives, these principles haven’t changed.

MUSIC Michael Tearson, SiriusXM Radio – This is the site where I do radio shows as art for on demand and free listening. I have my Sound Museum array of music wildly eclectic, adventurous and imaginative. Show Vault

BOOKS Joe Harnett, Salem Broadcasting – “Thunderstruck” which is about a near-perfect murder involving Guglielmo Marconi (the credited inventor of radio, with apologies to Nikola Tesla). It’s said to be a true story.

TV Tom Kelly, Kelly Music Research – Modern Family. I don’t watch much non-sports TV, but this one cracks me up. I mean, genuine laugh out loud belly buster characterizations and writing.

MUSIC Sheryl Raines, KCBS/San Francisco – When my five-year old lets me turn off the soundtrack from “Frozen,” I love DJE-Rock is a DJ at 99.7 Now who has been mixing music since he was 14 years old! He is fresh, original, fun and updates his website with new music.

BOOKS Mark Lipsky, The Radio Agency – Robopocalypse. I’m not a sci-fi guy, but I totally geeked out on this fantastic-but-believable telling of what happens when the machines pull the plug on humans. Already optioned for the big screen by Steven Spielberg.