Conservative Talk Dominates Talkers Magazine’s “Heavy Hundred” for 2018

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May 14, 2018
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Conservative Talk Dominates Talkers Magazine’s “Heavy Hundred” for 2018

Step aside, Rush Limbaugh.  Sean Hannity is this year’s most influential radio talk show host based on Talkers Magazine’s “Heavy Hundred” personalities for 2018.  Hannity’s prime time FOX-TV talk show and his regular nightly chats with the president helped to boost his stock, giving Hannity bragging rights in this year’s edition of the radio industry poll.

Financial advisor Dave Ramsey maintains the #3 slot he held last year, followed by conservative talker Mark Levin repeating at #4.  SiriusXM’s Howard Stern lightens the mood at #5, inching up from #6 as Glenn Beck, last year’s #5, topples out of the Top 10 to #11.  Michael Savage (#6), Joe Madison (#7), Laura Ingraham (#8), Thom Hartmann (#9) and Mike Gallagher (#10) round out the Top 10.

That means six conservative talkers outnumber the two progressive talkers in the Top 10 by a 3:1 margin, with one financial expert and one entertainment program rounding out the list.  Beyond the Top 10, talent shifts from national networks and syndicated programming to a cross section of local air personalities.  Seven U.S. cities are home to multiple entries in the Heavy Hundred, led by New York (5), Los Angeles and Chicago (4) and San Francisco, Philadelphia and St. Louis (3).

Only one station – WGN Chicago – had three personalities represent its station’s call letters on the list, with honors going to Steve Cochran, Roe Conn, and John Williams at the heritage Windy City talk station.

It’s interesting to note that while conservative talk dominates the rankings, neither of the two Top 10 hosts native to SiriusXM (Howard Stern, entertainment and Joe Madison, progressive/Urban talk) fall into the conservative talk category.  SiriusXM is known for its affluent audience, given the common trait among listeners that they can afford to pay for a subscription radio service.

All of these personalities on the Heavy Hundred list can jumpstart or enhance a radio campaign by lending their voices to an advertiser’s commercial message.  Some categories may be excluded as the decision to voice (or not voice) a particular commercial is typically left to the individual host.

See the full list HERE and to explore your best options in this arena, CONTACT The Radio Agency and we’ll help you build a sound advertising program to leverage these talents and tap their loyal listener base to build your brand.