Smart Advertising in Tough Times

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October 18, 2011
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October 25, 2011

Smart Advertising in Tough Times

Balancing moneyDuring tough economic times, companies tend to cut their advertising budgets.  That kind of thinking might actually hurt companies in the long run.

In America, where we live in a dynamic economy, where advertising creates more jobs for people, where the role of advertising is more important than ever, cutting budgets will eventually hurt the economy. Fortunately, more and more companies understand this now and are starting to believe that advertising during a down economy is extremely important. Companies can build market share – probably at a lower cost.  They can stay on top of consumers’ minds and there is less competition for share of mind.

People spend money even during tough economic times, but they are not going to waste their money. Companies might consider staying in touch with their current and potential customers and tell them why purchasing their product would be beneficial for them.

Advertising campaigns during these times could be more effective than other times since many companies will cut back and spend the minimum on advertising. When the competitors scale back, it’s a great opportunity to boost your market share. When business is not booming and a company has to be very careful about how to spend their comparably-smaller advertising budget, they should consider radio. Radio is affordable, results driven, measurable and cost-efficient.

Most of the big advertisers spend lots of money on TV. TV is expensive. It’s a great medium for a lot of products but in tough times, most of the big advertisers will find themselves in need of a cost-effective way to advertise. That’s where radio comes in. Most of our current clients invest more in radio by cutting their TV budgets and get incredible results from their radio campaigns.

It’s not about how much they spend it’s about how they spend it.

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