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September 18, 2012
September 25, 2012

Radio Gone Social

We live in a technological age filled with updates and downloads; an age where something “new” becomes “old” in a year or two. With Facebook, Pandora, Twitter, iHeartRadio and Instagram being the dominate forces in our social networking and musical world, it is hard to imagine anyone thinking up something bigger and better, but I am sure someone said the same exact thing back when MySpace used to be cool…

One corporation has found a way to combine today’s love of music and radio and today’s generations’ constant need to be updated into one simple app. The Social Radio.

Launched in 2011, The Social Radio is a radio app solely dedicated to providing an audio stream of updates from social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook mixed with music making it a “Social Radio.” It allows any one on the go to stay connected with the news, friends, family and celebrities. Whether riding your bike, in the car or eating breakfast you can be hands-free and stay updated.

Before downloading it, or even looking at it for that matter, I tried to hypothesize how it would combine the two and what it would be like. Would it play a song, and then read a few tweets? Or, would it alternate between one tweet and one song?

Neither of my presumptions were correct.

After logging in and connecting my twitter account to the app, I chose which genre I would prefer and hit play. Immediately, the intro of a song by the Foo Fighters began to play and an electronic voice started reading tweets from my Twitter timeline. I was slightly amazed, but than grew disappointed. The tweets were continuously read, even after the intro was finished. Even though the music was soft, the singer of the Foo Fighters was competing with the electronic woman reading tweets.

Do not get me wrong, the tweets were loud and clear, but as a music lover, I would have preferred if the tweets and music were not simultaneous and had stopped while the singer began to sing – and perhaps continue again during instrumental parts. I feel as though a Twitter fanatic though, would not mind music and tweets concurrent together, because the sole purpose of the app is too hear the audible tweets.

The Social Radio surprisingly enough, has no advertisements (yet) and you can not skip a song like on Pandora or Spotify. What you hear, is what you get. Simple as that.

I would like to think that no one could be THAT busy, that they need an app to read them tweets instead of just quickly glancing at them, but in today’s world it is not a surprise.

So there you have it Twitter fanatics, radio has gone social. The Social Radio is an easy, audible way to stay connected 24/7 with your own social networks. I can’t help but think, “What’s next?”

Kathleen Poliski is currently an intern at The Radio Agency. Please follow The Radio Agency’s Blog “Sounding Board” by subscribing to the email or RSS links above.
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