Last Minute Holiday Spending On Radio

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November 15, 2012
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November 27, 2012

Last Minute Holiday Spending On Radio

Giving, giving and more giving.  That’s what the next four weeks is all about.  So, listen up brands with leftover advertising dollars.

No, it’s not too late to do SOMETHING before the holidays.  In the radio and digital audio world, four weeks can be a lifetime (O.K., slight exaggeration).  Here are some ideas that you can put in play now.

Local-market promotions and holiday giveaways are always welcome.  And just because the #1 station in the market targeting your consumer is booked, there are plenty of others who still need you.  You, meaning your money and your cool brands that are perfect holiday giveaways for listeners.

Satellite radio is a nimble, cost-effective radio advertising platform that allows us to custom-cluster the perfect group of channels for a brand.  Once the :30 or :60 creative is produced, you could be on the air in a few days.

Streaming radio on AM/FM stations or Personalized Radio Services like Pandora and iHeart Radio are always open to last-minute campaigns.  Couple a :30 spot with a holiday-themed synced banner and you’re good to go.  Track the campaign to see what tweaks need to be made to scale after the holidays are over.

If all else fails and you’re a brand that is still available in stores or online after December 25th (98% of you), then spend your leftover budget between December 26th and 30th.  The clutter is virtually non-existent and the rates are much, much better.

Happy Spending and Happy Holidays!

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