Just Do It!

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September 11, 2012
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September 18, 2012

Just Do It!

I know the Olympics are long over and in today’s world, are considered yesterday’s news.  When I reflect back, I remember the memorable performances by Gabby Douglas, Ryan Lockte, Allyson Felix, Usain Bolt, Andy Murray and Nike.  Yes, Nike because I simply STILL cannot forget those neon Volt shoes

How brilliant was it of Nike to design those incandescent sneakers.  It’s especially interesting to me because Nike was not an official London 2012 sponsor.  In past years, the color of the shoe always matched the color of the individual athlete’s uniforms.  This year, the vivid neon yellow-green show created a universal “Team Nike” that was impossible to overlook.  It was brilliant (literally).

And, it didn’t happen by chance.  I learned that it was carefully planned out well before the Olympics, when focus groups of athletes (pro, amateur, college) were shown various colors of the shoe.  The neon yellow-green shoe was overwhelmingly preferred by all athletes.  The color was then tested against different environments to see how the shoes would look on the field, the stage and the ring.  Smart thinking!

Bottom line – not much was left to chance when it came time for the games to begin.  Consider that next time you plan a major radio campaign.  Before the roll out, start by testing various creative.  Air spots on a variety of stations and networks that reach your target demographic.  Measure response to determine which one(s) should be part of the roll out.  Modify your plan accordingly to optimize your ROI.  Be like Nike and just do it!

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