The Secret to Timing Your Media Buy
February 24, 2015
March 10, 2015


Come here. You need to hear this. Slip into something comfortable. You know how podcasts deliver a very specific audience interested in a very specific topic? Uh huh. Well now you can sponsor podcasts in specific radio markets without letting the whole country know what you’re up to.

Pretty hot, huh?

Well how about this: Many top-rated AM/FM radio shows now record their live programs and make them available as on-demand podcasts. So when someone can’t tune in all four hours of their favorite morning show, they can take them to bed at night. All warm and snuggly. So you reach that valuable audience at a time when they’re taking a very distinct action to tell you what they want and when they want it. Now that’s a responsive customer.

Ooh and here’s one. When podcasts get a little racy – and not just sexy racy, but four-letter word funny racy with some of America’s funniest entertainers interviewing some of America’s other funniest entertainers – those guys can voice your podcast sponsorship message and say whatever you want them to. Four-letter words. Five-letter words. Raunchy, sexy talk. Or silly, expletive comedy talk that best connects with their listeners and extends the theme of their show into the sponsorship message to hold the audience, um, captive.

All the buzz over “Serial” last fall got millions of people hooked on podcasts. They listen on the way to work. On airplanes. On long walks. Or horizontal between the sheets.

Rumor has it there’s even a podcast or two that tackles the topic of sex.

So if you’ve yet to cozy up to the sexy allure and pinpoint audience targeting of podcasting, loosen your tie. Better yet, take it off and hand it to us. We know just what to do with it…