August 4, 2015
September 1, 2015


The Who is one my all-time favorite rock bands. “My Generation” grew up with so many favorites: songs, bands, radio stations, TV shows, and of course, magazines. The amount of advertising we were exposed to was remarkable. And thinking back, it was as if the marketers knew what we wanted, even before we knew we wanted it! Geniuses, they were.

However, times have changed. With today’s social media, people look for validation in everything they do.  Advertising and its content has taken a turn. Some want to see (display ads) and feel (emojis) what they hear and read, while others are perfectly happy to associate with something visual, even if they don’t actually see anything.

Ours is a digital, multi-tasking world. Emails, texts, private messages, social media and talking on the telephone consume so much of our daily lives. Wait, who talks on the telephone anymore? HA! We don’t listen as well as we used to. We subscribe to online radio services with little or no advertising.  We don’t want to be interrupted. We’re in tune with our tunes and we couldn’t care less about some fancy-good-for-nothing-whatchamacallit that the leading competitor is trying to sell.

Tim Baysinger of Broadcasting & Cable writes, “According to the latest Nielsen audience report, 40% of homes subscribe to at least one streaming service, while 13% have at least two. However, there is one problem with that, at least according to Crackle executives.”

“As many of these consumers migrate to digital networks, they are adopting a subscription model with no advertising,” says Eric Berger, Crackle GM and Executive VP of digital networks for Sony Pictures Television.

Now consider what Michael Sebastian of Advertising Age writes: “Digital ad spending in the U.S. is expected to reach $60 billion this year, on its way to overtaking TV by 2018. But its ascendancy isn’t assured. One insidious problem threatens to undermine this growth?  Up to half of all display ads are never actually seen by humans – not because consumers don’t notice them, but because they can’t be seen. These are ads that never appear on a consumer’s screen, or show up too fleetingly to register, but advertisers still pay for.”

Can you see the challenge? There are plenty of advertising dollars to be spent, but are consumers being exposed to the ads? Digital spenders jumped on a new type of advertising band wagon and bought into digital campaigns without understanding the full scope of advertising. Quite simply put, a digital display ad can work really well, IF people can see it.

An audio prompt to “Tap here!” can make all the difference.  By combining radio on-air with digital on-screen, we create an effective and efficient way to advertise.

The Radio Agency can develop such a campaign and, with proper testing, can track and identify where and how to spend your ad dollars most efficiently. By geo-targeting specific areas and audiences, you will be seen and heard via satellite, national and/or local radio within the precise markets you want to be in. That’s the kind of advertising exposure you should be insisting on. That’s what the experts at The Radio Agency can do for you.

“This is my generation. This is my generation, baby.” Talk to us.