TV is the New Radio

January 13, 2015
January 27, 2015

TV is the New Radio

Whenever the family is home, I can count on a TV being on in multiple rooms.  And yet, no one is watching.

As I wander from bedroom to family room, I notice that my husband and sons are typically on their phones or iPads, engaged in games and You Tube videos, barely glancing up to see what’s likely been on for an hour or more.

So why hasn’t the rest of the world admitted that watching television now has more distractions than listening to radio?

The biggest distraction I have when listening to radio in my car during my daily commute or at the gym is when my phone rings and interrupts a song momentarily.  Not a big deal.  My mind is accustomed to little distractions while listening to radio because that’s the way it’s always been.  I still hear the commercials, because things really haven’t changed.

The way people “watch” TV, however, has changed dramatically.  Typically, when I’m watching TV at home, I’m very rarely unplugged and attentively “watching.”  I’m checking Facebook.  I’m helping with homework.  I’m flipping through a magazine, cleaning something or talking on the phone.  That’s just life in the 21st Century.

Who knew a few years ago that radio might have a more captive audience than TV!  And with all of the ways to seamlessly immerse your brand in to radio content and programming, the advertising medium of sound might just merit more of your marketing budget in 2015, especially if you’ve been pretending that all is well in TV Land.