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Rush Limbaugh Gets Radio Intimate

On a recent episode of The Rush Limbaugh Show, America’s most listened to radio program, a listener in Oklahoma offered advice to the popular talk host.  He suggested that Rush expand the reach of his radio show by making it available on YouTube, where a younger generation could discover it on a media platform someone under 40 is more likely to visit than an AM radio station.

Radio Ink, a popular trade journal in the broadcast industry, reported the event and printed Limbaugh’s reply.

“I’m in radio.  Radio is my business.  Radio’s what I’m best at.  I own it.  I love it.”

Rush went on to explain why YouTube wasn’t the answer.  “I’ve got a Dittocam here.  I don’t need YouTube.  I’ve got  Why should I help some other business enterprise?”

He then flipped the conversation and used the caller’s connection to prove his point that, when well-executed, radio offers the greatest intimacy in media.  “I’m talking about relatability,” Limbaugh said.  “It’s just the best (on radio) if it’s done right, and it’s because you’re not watching anything at the same time that’s distracting you.  A good radio guy or girl/woman paints the pictures that you see, or you do it yourself.  But the intimacy that radio can cause to happen also enhances persuade-ability out the wazoo, because it’s in that intimacy that you develop the trust and the believability, hopefully, that the audience invests in you.”

The numbers support his contention.  National advertisers invest significant sums to connect with Limbaugh’s audience – and pay a hefty premium to have Rush voice their message.  But the fact that those advertisers return, month after month, validates that these are not ego-driven media buys that enable an advertiser to hear their name on The Rush Limbaugh Show.  These are fiercely-scrutinizing, direct response advertisers who measure, manage and optimize every marketing dollar they spend.  If advertising on Rush didn’t “work,” they’d never invest in the second, third and hundredth media buy.

Limbaugh understands his role in this relationship and protects the radio stations that carry his program all across America.  “I have a business responsibility for every radio station I’m on to be as highly-rated as possible.  And if you can find me a whole bunch of other places, then there’s no need to come to the radio every day.”

If you’re wondering if advertising on The Rush Limbaugh Show, nationally or in local markets, could benefit your brand, product or service, contact The Radio Agency and we’ll walk you through the process.  Our thanks to Radio Ink for permission to reprint segments of their report for this feature.

Mark Lipsky is CEO and Creative Director at The Radio Agency.  You can reach him at [email protected].