A Day in the Life of Radio

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September 3, 2013
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September 17, 2013

A Day in the Life of Radio

Midnight – The start of a new day.  Nearly everyone will listen to the radio today.  AM/FM.  SiriusXM Satellite.  Online Streaming.  Mobile.  They’ll plug their cell phones into their dashboards and program their own radio stations just because they can.  Radio is everywhere.  Are you listening?

1 AM – While most of America sleeps, millions are tuned to the radio!  #1 overnight is Coast to Coast AM, the late night talk show where science meets science fiction, broadcast on 500+ radio stations and worldwide on the Internet.

2 AM – Around the clock, Pandora Internet Radio entertains millions.  Today, 4,518,493 personalized radio stations will be created by people just like you and me.  You can make up to 100 stations, interrupted by less than four minutes of commercials every hour.

3 AM – The nighttime phenomena of Sky Waves makes it possible for AM Radio waves to bounce around the ionosphere, enabling AM Radio listeners to pick up stations hundreds – or even a thousand miles away.  Even with today’s technology, “radio geeks” are twisting dials in the early AM hours to enjoy the thrill of exotic broadcasts.

4 AM – It’s still nighttime in America.  But that won’t stop Internet radio listeners from getting the morning news on the BBC, listening to an all-Beatles station from Russia or waking up to a Japanese Top 40 station online.  With over 50,000 streaming radio stations available, boredom is not an option.  More than 120 million Americans listen to radio online every month.

5 AM – Radio’s secret advertising weapon.  Low, overnight advertising rates coupled with a rising-and-shining-population make this pre-dawn hour a remarkably powerful value to deliver branding news or proffer a marketing opportunity, first thing in the morning.

6 AM – The alarm sounds.  What’s on your radio?  How many different ways will you consume music, entertainment and information today?  At home. In your car.  At work.  While you walk or workout.  Now more than ever, radio is everywhere.

7 AM – Arguably local radio’s strongest hour of the day.  Americans get ready for the world, channeling news, talks, sports, weather and traffic information, plus tons of entertainment features, contests and, oh yeah, their favorite songs.

8 AM – Push Button Wars are in being waged in vehicles all across America.  Dad wants Sports Talk.  Rachel wants to hear Taylor Swift.  Mom wants to hear her favorite Morning Show.  Liam wants Radio Disney.  Radio rules the road with something for everyone.

9 AM – “Did you hear what Howard said?”  Water cooler talk ain’t what it used to be, but the buzzworthy comments of Morning DJs everywhere still circulate through the workplace.  Locally and nationally, radio’s packed with personalities ready to lend their voice – and implied endorsement – to your brands.

10 AM – America settles in at work and logs on to their favorite radio station.  AM/FM Online.  Pandora.  Spotify.  Over 120 million Americans will listen to radio online this month.

11 AM – They’re talking up a storm.  Geraldo.  Glenn Beck.  Dave Ramsey.  Stephanie Miller.  Michael Smerconish.  Fresh Air.  Millions are entertained and pay close attention to every word spoken.  That pays off BIG TIME when your commercial plays next.

12 NOON – Lunch Time!  Radio stations coast-to-coast break format with lunchtime features that cluster music in entertaining ways and create countless opportunities for advertiser contests and sponsorships.  And if the station you’re interested in doesn’t have such a feature?  Chances are you can tempt them to create one.

1 PM –  For millions, lunchtime listening means Rush Limbaugh.  Always controversial, still America’s most listened-to radio personality and a powerful brand endorser if you can afford the cost of hiring Rush to read your message.  If not, there are thousands of smaller market talk show hosts, not as controversial and proportionately priced to their audience size.

2 PM – Salespeople and truckers crisscross America’s highways to keep our country moving.  Local traffic reports on News Radio stations help them keep moving.  Sponsored by…Your Brand?

3 PM – All Things Considered is must listening for millions.  Others turn to Sean Hannity, Rusty Humphries and Dr. Laura for companionship and advice.  Radio personalities are like trusted friends.  Their voices lend credibility to your brands and quicken the response time for advertisers to generate sales.  Go ahead.  Put your words in their mouth.

4 PM – Congratulations!  You were the 10th caller.  Or you posted the funniest cat video.  Here’s a great prize from a local restaurant, online retailer or event promoter.  Radio Promotions are still an amazing way to promote your brands and integrate them into station programming.

5 PM – For many, the workday ends.  Anxious investors tune in to hear how the stock market performed.  Local traffic helps us sidestep highway snarls and jams.  And guess what?  When commuters leave their vehicles, they don’t turn off the radio.  So it’ll be on, first thing, the next morning.

6 PM – Late commuters pass the time by connecting their favorite devices to their dashboards via Bluetooth.  Worldwide digital radio.  iHeartRadio.  Slacker.  Driving home never sounded so good.

7 PM – Michael Savage mixes it up with listeners.  Delilah makes nice, mixing music and sisterly advice.  Others just turn up the music and dance.  Radio listenership scales back, but advertising rates also plummet, making nighttime the right time to build your brand and leverage the marketing power of radio.

8 PM – CHR and Urban stations rule the air waves.  Kids are free from school and schoolwork and uptempo dance, rap and pop stations deliver numbers after dark.  Turn it up.

9 PM – Batter Up!  Hundreds of AM and FM stations carry live, play-by-play of Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball.  And every MLB game also airs, on as many channels as needed, on SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

10 PM – Before turning in, millions of Americans check their social media accounts and download their favorite podcasts.  TED Talks.  Stuff You Should Know.  Comedy Bang Bang.  Brought to you by America’s smartest marketers, who pinpoint their audience and burn their message, permanently, in an advertising platform that lives forever. Approximately 32 million Americans listen to an average of six podcasts every week.

11 PM – Millions fall asleep with the radio on.  And that’s how they’ll awaken.  If you’re throwing money at the shiny, new, unproven advertising platform-of-the-month, you’re missing the hundreds of millions of Americans tuned in to radio each and every week.

Midnight – The start of a new day.  Nearly everyone will listen to the radio today.  AM/FM.  SiriusXM Satellite.  Online Streaming.  Mobile.  They’ll plug their cell phones into their dashboards and program their own radio stations just because they can.  Radio is everywhere.  Are you listening?

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